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In addition to being in the real estate business, we are also in the happiness business, and while most realtors count sales, we at Camarsol prefer to count smiles!

Throughout the years we have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people find the right property and feel at home in Spain. We have had many good laughs along the way, and are very proud to have met such wonderful people and have made good friends.

Here is what some of them have to say about us:


“We met Patricia and Sigurd for the first time when we bought our first property in Spain with Camarsol. Some years later we decided to sell and buy a new one. Both the sale and new purchase were done through Camarsol, and Patricia and Sigurd took care of the whole process.

Since then, we have gotten to know one another very well, and consider them to be close friends.

When we sit at home in Stavanger and think about our house in Spain we know we have nothing to worry about, and feel safe and happy to know they are taking good care of us.

Patricia and Sigurd are always so helpful and everything is done properly and correctly. The care and attention they give to their clients and the homes they sell, makes Camarsol really special and unique.

They are honest and trustworthy, and it is both an honor and a great pleasure to have them by our side.”

Kjell and Sabrina Pahr-Iversen
Stavanger, Norway


“We are thankful for having you Camarsol, and we know that without you everything would be much more difficult, like communication with the bank and public authorities for example. Since we don’t speak Spanish, you have been a great resource for us.

We are so happy with the way you handled all the documentation regarding our property purchase, and thankful it was you who did it all. Thanks to you, we have never had any problems with bureaucracy and government regulations, as many others have experienced.

Also in the day to day tasks, we love having you by our side, giving us advice and guidance, and help whenever we get stuck. As members of Camarclub we feel very taken care of.”

Bjørn and Marit Andresen
Hamar, Norway


“Thank you so much for all your great help in regards to our property purchase in Spain. The attention and follow up we have received since then has been wonderful.

We are so happy to be members of Camarclub and to have you by our side, and to have access to all the services you offer, such as administration of yearly tax payments, official documents and permits etc.

It is a great advantage to have a friendly team of “locals” one can call on, for tips and advice!”

Ragnhild Dahl and Øyvind Staveland
Haugesund, Norway


“Just a short note to thank you all for dealing with the sale of our lovely apartment in Guardamar so quickly and efficiently, we are so very grateful.

We could not believe that in 2 weeks we had sold the apartment and even had a few days in a Hotel before we flew home to England for the last time .

With Kindest regards to you all,”

Alex and Margaret Dearlney
Bournemouth, UK


“We really appreciate all the help we have received from Camarsol over the years, in solving big and small problems. It is great to have people you can trust by your side when you are far away from home.”

Hanne L Baardsen
Kleppe, Norway


“We just want to express our satisfaction and gratitude towards Camarsol, and thank you for all the wonderful help and support we have received all these years as homeowners in Spain. From the very beginning when we started to consider buying property in Spain, you gave us all the correct and necessary information and helped us through the whole process.

Since then, you have continued to give excellent service and help with things such as renovations, where you helped us evaluate several offers and prices, and made sure everything went smoothly.

As many others, we were initially quite skeptical towards purchasing property abroad. We were nervous about differences in rules, laws, payment structures and bank systems etc. that are not like back home. In this regard you made us feel safe, and offered a security we only could dream of. You helped us realize our dream of owning a home in Spain.

We appreciate the bridge you build connecting Spain and Norway!”

Terje Austenå
Hafrsfjord, Norway


“Before we bought our house, Camarsol gave us all the information we needed about the whole buying process, and a clear overview of all the steps along the way to becoming homeowners in Spain. For us, this was very reassuring and it was good to have all the information in Norwegian as well.

From our experience, buying property through Camarsol was safe and problem free all the way.

Throughout the years the follow up has been fantastic, and we continue to receive updated and relevant information on a regular basis. Should we need any help at all, Camarsol is always there for us, offering quick and effective solutions.

Last but not least, it is so nice to go by the office in Guardamar and say hi to Sigurd and Patricia – we feel very safe knowing they are near.”

Sissel Rude and Jan Olav Weisæth
Trondheim, Norway


“You have given us the most fantastic help and assistance with the purchase of our property, and would never have done it without you!

Always welcoming us with big smiles, and never a negative answer.”

Eva og Jan Erik Fotland
Svinndal, Norway


“We purchased our home through Camarsol in 2010, and had a really good experience buying through them. It felt safe, it was comforting that they speak Norwegian, Spanish and English fluently, and that they are experts when it comes to all the laws and regulations pertaining to buying and selling property in Spain.

Camarsol continues to take excellent care of us through Camarclub, and we highly recommend them to anyone considering to buy property in Spain.”

Bente og Rune Tvedt
Bergen, Norway


“We bought our property in Guardamar in the fall of 2003 with Camarsol as our agent. As first time buyers in Spain we were naturally a little skeptical, but all doubt disappeared during our first meeting with Camarsol. We understood right away that they were experts and we were in the best of hands.

The whole transaction was conducted in an organized, clear, transparent and professional way.

Camarsol also helped us buy a scooter in Guardamar!”

Eli and Gunnar Vassbo
Vikeså, Norway


“We fell in love with a property in Guardamar in the spring of 2012, and decided to buy through Camarsol. We are very happy with the job they did, and they guided us through the process in a excellent way. We have since then been members of Camarclub. Patricia and Sigurd are great partners to have, and now their daughter Daniela has also joined the team.”

Uwe og Torunn Eiccholz
Skien, Norway


“We arrived in Spain in August 2013 for the first time, and finally met Sigurd, who picked us up at the airport and took us to see the project we had narrowed our search down to. He took his time, and answered all our questions, many we had prepared from home. We wanted a new construction, within close proximity to the airport, and had found the perfect property.

We chose Camarsol over other agencies that wanted to pay our trip and accommodation, because we wanted to avoid the excessive sales pressure. Camarsol recommended a nice hotel in the beach town of Guardamar, and also several restaurants, so we had a very nice stay. The following day we went back to the building project for a last viewing before Sigurd took us back to the airport. Once we were home, we went over all the answers we had received, and all the information and photos of the project and property, and decided to buy!

Patricia was the one who took over the process, and made everything very clear and simple for us. Camarsol and Patricia takes care of absolutely everything, and informs you well ahead of time when you need to make transfers, get documents stamped with the notary, and what paperwork we needed to bring from Norway. She also accompanies you to the bank and helps you set up an account and get a bank card.

We have now spent a lot of time in our beautiful home, and we are very happy with it. From a building point of view, the standard is equal to what we would expect in Norway, and everything is in perfect order.

We are extremely happy with our house as well as all the help we keep receiving from Camarsol. As homeowners, they have been priceless and have helped us with everything from getting our cable-TV installed, to water filter and finding cleaning personnel.

We highly recommend Camarsol!”


The Endresen family
Stavanger, Norway


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