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The beaches are the best in Spain, and the weather is the very best in all Europe, and when it comes to offering a “complete package”, particularly for families with children of all ages, Costa Blanca once again is second to none.

In Spain, family is at the very heart of everything, and along the whole Costa Blanca you will find a diverse range of activities and attractions suitable for all ages.

Let´s be honest here, happy kids make happy parents, and that is why the Costa Blanca is such a great family destination. There are enough activities to keep us all busy, any time of the year.


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Life is good at the beach

Nothing beats a day at the beach with fine white sand and crystal clear waters, and calm small waves for the children to splash in.  All Blue flag beaches along the coast are very safe and family friendly and have life guards on duty throughout the high season.

Make sure to bring a parasol and a cooler with drinks and snacks or you can always rent some sun beds in the shade by one of the many snack bars. Ice cream for the kids and the grown-ups can enjoy a nice cold local beer.


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For those who want some more action there are a whole variety of activities to choose from on the beach. You can rent a paddle boat, go on a snorkeling adventure, sail or kayak amongst other things. Let us know if you need help finding an activity center or marina in your area.

For example, in Guardamar del Segura there is a Sailing Club which offers summer and holiday camps for children from 5 years onwards. Monday to Friday from 10am until 2pm the kids are exposed to multiple activities such as windsurfing, kayak, sailing and body board, and learn about teamwork and responsibility at sea from a fantastic and very professional team of instructors.


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The Sailing School of Guardamar del Segura (Escuela de Vela Guardamar) is open all year long and offers a wide variety of services, activities and equipment. You can rent a boat for the day, or go on a guided tour by kayak, take windsurfing lessons, or finally get that diving license you have dreaming about.

As long time members of the sailing club we speak from experience when we say they are simply amazing. In addition to being very serious and upholding the strictest safety standards, they are fun and very welcoming to newcomers, speak several languages and cater to a very international group of people.

The summer camp last year had participants from all parts of Spain, as well as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Argentina, Russia, France and even one from the USA. Not only are you having fun in the water and learning new sports, but you are making friends for life.


kids learning sup costa blanca


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Waterparks, Themeparks & Wildlife

Here there are so many options to choose from, you could probably fill your whole summer holiday bouncing from one to another. Waterparks are always a family favorite, and they are easy to find. You have several to choose from in the nearby areas such as Acuapolis in Torrevieja, Parque Acuatico in Rojales and Pola Park in Santa Pola. All of these (and many more) offer a fun filled day with slides of all heights and sizes and different pools with waves and other features etc. Roller coasters, mini golf, bumper cars, bouncy castles and even some great slides and rides for brave moms and dads!

We recommend spending a day at the newly renovated La Marina Camping. They have a whole waterpark installation with something for each age group and several pools with activities such as aqua aerobics and zumba, games for kids, several playgrounds, restaurants and snack bars, convenience store, fitness center and gym and an amazing Spa. Even if you are not staying here as a guest you can buy a day pass and enjoy the facilities.

The biggest and best amusement parks and water parks, such as Aqualandia, Mundomar, Terra Natura and Terra Mitica, are located in Benidorm and make for a perfect daytrip.

In Elche you have the Rio Safari which is excellent for the younger ones. Here you have animals, a train ride safari, splashing pools, pony rides and great picnic areas.




Minigolf, Bowling and Go-Kart

Minigolf is a great afternoon activity for those who need a break from the beach. If you want to stay out of the sun all together, you could try one of the bowling halls, like those next to Habaneras shopping center in Torrevieja for example. They even have different themes, such as disco bowling where they turn on fun disco lights.

Not everything in Spain is slow, especially a trip to a Go-Kart track, such as the one in Punta Prima for example. The track is open all year around and caters to everyone from the age of 5 onwards. They have several children tracks, and the large one for the racers. You can also try out some quad bike racing if you feel adventurous. For any non racer there is a nice waiting area, with a restaurant and snack bar.


Tabarca Island

Tabarca is a beautiful little island off the coast of Santa Pola, and a great place to spend the day. You can catch a glass bottom boad from Alicante, Santa Pola or Guardamar to the island, and enjoy the beaches, restaurants and island life.

If you feel adventurous, you can head over to the Santa Pola Diving Academy and sign up for a snorkel safari! All you need is your swim suit and towel. The day starts off with a presentation of the wonderful marine life you can expect to see and a short demo on snorkeling and safety.

From there you will go by boat to the waters around Tabarca Island. Tabarca is a tiny Island that has a number of coves, beaches and crystal clear water that makes it an excellent destination for snorkeling and diving .

All equipment is provided, and you can enjoy the day splashing around enjoying the spectacular scene unfolding beneath you. Thanks to the reef surrounding the island, you can be sure to see hundreds of colorful fish and other marine sea life.


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The fiestas in Spain are a celebration of life, and are set up for the whole family to enjoy. The spectacular parades, song and dance, music and drums, all create that magical atmosphere that memories are made of.

It is no secret that the Spanish love their fiestas and there are plenty of festivals both national and some local, only to specific towns and villages. As a guest you will be embraced and invited, and welcome to participate and celebrate side by side with the locals.

During the summer you have the big celebrations of Moros y Christianos, which is a celebration dating back to the 16th century. The kids might not care about the historical details, but they will for sure love the big parades! Street parades with elaborate costumes, music bands, belly dancers, camels, horses and other surprises are the main attractions.




moros y christianos fest i guardamar parade


During the fiestas the streets are closed for cars and people put up little stands with food and drinks, and the whole village becomes a big folk fest. During these parties, Spanish children are allowed to stay up and enjoy, and you can easily see young kids dancing with their parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, neighbors and friends to early hours of the morning.

You also have the medieval markets with booths selling crafts and treats, pony rides and other entertainment.

The Bonfires of San Juan in Alicante is also a spectacular festival worth experiencing. It is the celebration of the coming of summer, and is celebrated with a fantastic display of music, color and fireworks, and thousands of people coming together for a big street party.

During the weeks before the party, large figures and sculptures made of cardboard are put out on display. They are comic figures, sometimes with a hidden social or political critique. There are contests of which are the best ones. During these days, the streets are closed off and “barracas” are put up, these are large tents with food, drinks and dance floor, where everyone comes together to celebrate summer.




On midnight of the 24th of June, all the statues are burnt in large bonfires on the beach.

Most towns have the seasonal amusement parks set up with all sorts of games and rides for the children. This is not only during the fiestas, but throughout the summer.




Classes, Courses & Activities

There is a large assortment of organized classes and courses for children (and adults too of course) in this region, it all depends on your interests.

Most schools offer fun summer camps from 10 am to 2 pm, with all sorts of activities such as water play, arts and crafts, field trips, sports games and cooking/baking etc. This is mostly for Spanish children whose parents work, but they are open for everyone, and children of all nationalities are welcome.

The local municipalities tend to offer activity programs for both children and adults during summer and school holidays as well. Here you can find anything from swimming lessons to tennis, squash, football and even gymnastics. This is a really fun way to learn some new words in Spanish, and make friends from all over the world.


swimming classes for kids costa blanca south


Most dance academies, like those in Guardamar, Benijofar and Torrevieja for example all offer summer courses of flamenco, zumba and mixed dance for all age groups. How fun to learn a few moves to go with that new flamenco dress from the market? During the Fiestas de San Jaime, there is usually a Sevillana party where all the children get to dress up and show off their dance skills!




There are also several horse ranches you can take lessons, or simply come and enjoy a guided tour of the area on horseback.


horsebackriding lesson


We have all been living here as a family for many years, and can recommend so many fun things to do and see for all ages. Please let us know if there is something specific you are looking for and we will gladly help you out.


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