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Here you will find some useful information about selling your property in Spain with Camarsol. Our aim is to make sure the selling process is as clear, safe, and easy as possible.

For more detailed information do not hesitate to come by our office, give us a call, or send us an email, we are always happy to help you out.


Selling your Property with Camarsol

When you decide for whatever reason that you wish to sell your property, we provide you with all the relevant information about the procedure and costs of selling in general.

We will do an evaluation of your property and in the context of the current state of the property market,  advise you and recommend a realistic sales price.

Based on our experience and knowledge of the market, we will give you our honest opinion of the time frame that a sale could take.

We will provide you with more detailed information about our sales tools and channels, which are not restricted to our window display but include a network of agents in multiple countries, a strong internet presence, and multi-level media advertisement.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this could not be more true when it comes to real estate.  When we take pictures of your property, we like to take our time and make sure we present it in the best way possible.   First impressions are the most important.

You will receive a clear and concise check list of all  the documentation and legal certification that is required, and a complete breakdown of the costs pertaining to you as a seller.

Since we do the complete transaction in-house we make sure you have everything you need, and if you don’t, we help you get it.

Once you decide to sell your property through us we sign a sales agreement.

Transparency is one of core values, and we give you a detailed list of all your expenses, so there are no surprises.  It is very important for us that you understand the whole process and have a clear idea of the amount you can expect to get after all the costs and taxes are deducted.

We understand that your main goal is to sell, so we do not ask for exclusivity.  However, we do request that you keep the same sales price out to the public regardless of what agreements you have with other sales agents, so we can guarantee our buyers the best market price.

We will accompany you, help you with translation and guide you personally or with a POA (Power of Attorney) through the final procedure at the Notary´s office.

Once the sale is signed, we take care of all the logistics such as changing all your direct debits to the buyers name and account, and if necessary we will help cancelling services such as insurance, bank account, etc.

We will do our utmost to make sure the sales process is as  clear, safe and easy as possible.



Simply the very best after-sales service on the Costa Blanca. We are here to make sure you enjoy the good life in Spain - worry free.
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