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Making Property Purchase in Costa Blanca Easy since 2003

Bienvenido a España and welcome to Camarsol

If you are reading this, I´m guessing you are interested in buying or selling property in Costa Blanca and you are looking for a realtor.

You´re not looking for just any realtor, but the very best one. Someone professional, with experience and local knowledge, who can guide you through the whole process and make it as simple and enjoyable as possible.

You have probably noticed that in Spain today all realtors are basically selling the same “dream homes” and the main difference actually lies in the agents themselves; more specifically how we work and what services we offer.

Buying property abroad is a big decision, and there is a lot to think about and consider. There are many things that are very different from home, like laws, rules and regulations, not to mention language and cultural differences.

It is therefore really important to choose someone who will look out for your best interests, and offer you a complete service range that is tailored to your specific needs.

Let me tell you a little bit more about us

Camarsol is a Norwegian/Spanish Real Estate company that has successfully been helping people find the right property on the Costa Blanca since 2003.

Over the years we have built up an excellent reputation for helping buyers every step of the way and giving guidance and support before, during and after the property purchase.

We are neither the biggest nor the loudest realtor in town, and we don´t want to be either. What is important for us is to be really good at what we do.

Camarsol is a small company with a big personality, and we are a family business that will make you feel like part of the family as well.

We like to think of ourselves as the “navy seals” of the real estate world down here – a special team that always gets the job done right!

We have a really nice office in Guardamar del Segura, where we await you with big smiles and a “café con leche” if you want.

So, what makes us special?

At Camarsol we have chosen to do things a little differently from all the rest, and our main goal is to make property purchase in Costa Blanca as Clear, Safe and Easy as possible.


We provide you with all the relevant information you need, in a transparent and organized way, and clearly explain the buying/selling process step by step.

This way, you always know what to expect and we can eliminate any confusion and avoid “unexpected surprises” along the way.


We are really picky when it comes to choosing properties, projects, builders, and partners, because we are not interested in problems, and like to avoid them all together from the very start.

We have a fantastic team that is able to do the whole process from A to Z in-house, and are therefore totally independent of middlemen and third parties, like lawyers, solicitors, accountants etc.

Too often when there are so many people involved, the moment something goes wrong nobody is there to take responsibility. This can lead to a lot of confusion and many unnecessary costs.

That’s why we like to do things ourselves, so we can make sure that everything is done properly, legally and correctly so the transaction goes smoothly.

All the properties and new projects in our portfolio have undergone the strictest quality assurance procedures, so that you can relax and know that everything that is approved by us, upholds the highest standards.


This is the best part! We keep it simple and make things easy for you so you can enjoy the whole process and life in Spain from day one.

We have the experience, the knowledge, the network and know how, so you don´t have to worry about a thing.

How Do We Work?

The first thing we usually do, is sit down and have a talk, so you can guide us and let us know exactly what it is you are looking for. We know that every client is unique and has different interests and priorities, and we want to find that perfect property that meets your needs.

Remember how I said we are a small company? Well, the benefit is that we are able to give you a personalized experience that we customize specially for you.

Whether you are looking for a holiday home, a permanent residence, purely an investment or a combination of these, it is important for us to know what you want out of your property.

We have an extensive property portfolio, and will help you find the perfect property that meets your needs, weather it is a large villa with private pool near a golf course, a charming apartment in a small Spanish village, or a cozy townhouse with walking distance to the beach.

One of our most important recommendations is always to buy something you can easily sell again later, independent of the current market situation.

Above all, we want you to feel safe during the whole process. That’s why we stay away from “pressure and stress” and instead we offer you honest answers and an open dialog the whole way.

Once you have found the property you wish to buy, we will take care of the whole administrative and juridical part, explaining each and every step, and making sure you have all the documentation you need. You can read more in detail about the property purchase here.

For many realtors this is the end of the road, but for us a purchase is just the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship, and we have an after-sales service that is second to none.

In our members club called Camarclub, we have today over 200 happy clients that we continue to help and assist, and update with current information about laws, rules and regulations pertaining to home owners in Spain, taxes and inheritance, as well as practical help with renovations, etc.

Actually, most of our new clients come through recommendations from existing happy clients, that are our best ambassadors. You can read what they have to say about us directly by clicking here, and if you want more information about Camarclub, you can click right here

If you would like to get to know us a little better you can read about our team here, and if you are in town you can always come by our office in Guardamar and say hello. Most of the time, our office looks like this:



Camarsol Office interior Guardamar del Segura


Although sometimes it looks more like this:



Camarsol office by the beach




Simply the very best after-sales service on the Costa Blanca. We are here to make sure you enjoy the good life in Spain - worry free.
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